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New Chapter For ME!

It is with great sadness but also appreciation that I write to tell you that we are preparing for the finale of the Exchange at Edmund's Oast, the widely acclaimed bottle shop and bar I helped to found 6 years ago here in Charleston, SC. Yes, I know this is shocking. But while we plan on business as usual for the next 2 months – we also plan to have our mid-August anniversary party to double as a finale party for our beloved bottle shop/wine bar – The Exchange aka EOX.

Saturday, August 12, will be a Bubble Fest with all sorts of bubbly by the glass and Foxes Fried Food Truck parked outside from 3 to 6 (and live jazz of course)! That day will also kick off a 20% off storewide sale that will continue for a couple of weeks as we wind down.

I wanted to get the facts and details in front of you first, but now let me tackle the emotions. Creating the Exchange concept from the ground up has honestly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I will always consider it to be one of my greatest accomplishments. If businesses ran on LOVE we would be Fortune 500 undoubtedly! From our incredible team over many years (and incarnations) to our devoted customers – there is simply so much LOVE. I have never felt as appreciated and supported as I have over the past six years, and my deepest gratitude goes out to each and every one of you who has supported us!!

All of this being said, I am sure you still want to understand our reasoning. For this part, let me quote our managing partner and my longtime good friend, Scott Shor.

“As we near the end of our lease term, we have given a great deal of thought to what is sustainable for the future. And that reality is that the best path forward is not always the easiest one to choose. We love The Exchange and truly admire it as the most unique jewel in the Edmund's Oast family of businesses. But that love alone does not overcome the reality that there is potential other use for the space which may be better suited for the long term so we have decided to pursue those options.”

Obviously, there are many emotions attached to this decision for all of us, but Scott and I are both determined to treat the next two months as a true celebration of all that we have accomplished. And by “we” I most certainly mean our team but also you, our devotees, and our amazing distributors and community partners!

So please help us to create even more positive energy at EOX in the coming weeks if you live in Charleston and stop by for your favorite events – Blind Tasting Wednesdays, Thursday evening tastings, Friday jazz, and of course daily happy hours!! Trust me, we will be VERY excited to see you and spend time with you.

Also, I plan to create an online remembrance page for EOX where you can share your thoughts, memories, and even photos with us!! Stay tuned for that link in next week’s newsletter.

Speaking of newsletters, as many of you know, writing the EOX newsletter has been one of my favorite job duties, and I plan to continue my wine and food pontifications in my own newsletter – Grape to Table. Click here to subscribe. It will be a slow roll-out over the next two months, but I promise to have even more in-depth content (like recipes)! (Know that Substack newsletters often go to your promotions fold until you add my Substack email to your contacts list; so look for my welcome email when you sign up.)

I also hope to continue our popular wine classes at another location (TBD) and possibly the wine club I have created as well. More information on this to come.

But enough about me!! Let me end by once again thanking our devoted customers!! Honestly, I can never thank you enough for all the joy and appreciation you have brought to us at EOX. ❤️

I am eternally grateful!! Love always, your chief wine nerd, Sarah O’Kelley

Friendly reminder of weekly EOX programming:

Daily Happy Hour 3 to 5 – $4 glasses of house beer/wine

Wednesday: $10 Blind Tasting flights all day!

Thursday: Tasting benefiting a local non-profit 5:30 to 7:30

Friday: Live Jazz 5:30 to 7:30

$12 glasses of grower Champagne all the time!!

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