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Vins de Soif: Springtime Wine

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Vins de soif: this cute French phrase has been on my mind lately. It translates to wines of thirst and basically means thirst quenchers. These are wines to drink now versus “vins de garde” – which means wines to save.

These vins de soif seem to be what all of my customers at Edmund’s Oast Exchange are in the mood for right now. Down south it’s that transitional time of the year weather wise where we have the first beach days intermingled with still chilly nights. And we all know the seriously hot weather is around the corner so why not enjoy this moment and drink light reds with everything! That’s what I am doing anyways!

Of course, vins de soif can refer to whites as well – but in this moment it perfectly defines the reds I am reaching for and recommending. Here are a few that I cannot get enough of. They pair well with just about anything and are moderately priced to boot! Serve all with a slight chill for maximum enjoyment. Cheers!

P.S. If you cannot find these in your local bottle shop simply ask for light, chill-able reds to pair with warmer weather. Beaujolais certainly works (see previous blog), but there are many others!

Claus Preisinger Puszta Libre

This guzzler from Austria features Zweigelt and St. Laurent (both native Austrian grapes.) It is made in a style that evokes easy drinking Beaujolais (not that all Beaujolais is easy drinking!) It is unbelievable with barbecue!!

Luigi Giordano Langhe Rosso

This comes from one of my favorite Barbaresco producers, and it is his take on old school field blends of the Piedmont. Sure we all think of this northern Italian region for its age worthy reds (like Barbaresco and Barolo), but long ago they also made light reds like this one that sports a touch of the white grape Arneis. The effect is addictive; be forewarned!

Ameztoi Stimatum

This comes from northern Spain, specifically the region of Txakolina. To many that name brings to mind light, mineral driven white wines, but yes they also make light reds. This is bottled with a touch of residual carbon dioxide giving it just enough spritz to make it even more of a quaffer!

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