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Good Riddance 2020!

Trust me I feel just as over 2020 as everyone else. I found the dumpster fire emoji to be hilarious and apt (see above)! the same time I hate to throw the baby out with the bath water (to bring back a ridiculous old expression)! There were positive moments that never would have arisen without a year as trying as 2020. We were forced to be more comfortable with change -- both personal and on a global scale. I know I had my bubble of wokeness burst. And thankfully to be truly awoken, to realize the scope of transformation needed in our society: to recognize and end systematic racism, to provide quality health care for all classes, to out sexual harassment in elite organizations...the list goes on…

So was 2020 a dumpster fire? Yes, for sure. But is there some beauty in that dumpster fire -- undoubtedly. I felt I connected with people on a very real, raw level. I had the opportunity to collaborate with others in my industry who felt dangerously close to losing so much. I had the chance to connect with local, community organizations I had yet to know.

And like so many I took the time to reflect on what matters most on a personal level. While I sometimes worry that my passion for time at the table with loved ones is perhaps not quite noble enough, I also realize that it is a vital part of my own makeup. And I believe that staying true to our own paths leads to ways to grow and help in unexpected ways.

I look forward to 2021 and exploring more -- both via the written word and via truly living.

Let us all take lessons from 2020 and move forward, more kind, more appreciative, and more open to constant change.

P.S. And don’t forget we are not out of the woods yet -- please take care and please spend your hard earned dollars with as many local businesses as possible!

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