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Annual Holiday Sipping Tips

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Thanksgiving wine tips natural wine clean wine raw wine

Well it seems unbelievable that the holidays are here after such a long, strange year, but they are indeed! I hope you are able to find some enjoyment in the Thanksgiving holiday even if it's just a small gathering (personally that's my favorite kind of gathering)!

And of course I hope that you find something fun to drink! If you really want to make your life easy I am working with my team at Edmund’s Oast Exchange to put together two Thanksgiving samplers depending on the size of your gathering. $60 for 3 bottles and $120 for 6 bottles! Here’s the 3 bottle lineup along with some holiday pairing tips! Email to learn more, and yes we do ship!

Whether you are shopping with us or with your own local wine shop, I want to thank you for choosing to shop local and shop small this holiday season. It matters now more than ever!

Now onto those holiday feast tips…

#1 Bubbles Solve Most Problems: Seriously, when did a glass of sparkling wine put a frown on your face??? Absolutely never! I can’t help but smile with that first sip of sparkling! And while I LOVE Champagne...the reality is that there is SO much well made sparkling wine from around the world and at a variety of price points! Don’t feel like breaking the bank? Sparkling Chenin happens to be my favorite bubbly outside of Champagne! But guess what there is also high quality Prosecco like the loveliness from the mother-daughter team Sorelle Bronca! While there is a lot of mass produced Prosecco there are also some gems like Sorelle Bronca. This is organic, estate bottled Prosecco that simply cannot be beat! Also look for Fuso Flora Prosecco!

#2 Acid Cuts Richness: Okay that sounds a little sciencey for a fun filled wine blog so let me rephrase: bright white wines prove the perfect foil to a table full of gluttony! Haha! Seriously, high acid wines like Riesling and the aforementioned Chenin Blanc have to be wine nerds favorite go-to wines for the holidays. They are pretty and vivacious and keep your palate primed for that next bite of ridiculousness. But there’s also the lesser known grape Melon de Bourgogne from the Loire Valley region of Muscadet. Most folks simply refer to the wine as Muscadet and never mention the grape name. Either way it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to mineral driven white wine that plays perfectly with rich food. Domaine Pepiere is one of the oldest and BEST Muscadet producers. Also look for Jo Landron and Domaine L’Ecu!

#3 Food and Family Friendly Reds Are a Necessity: Basically, this means that maybe you should forego any heavy, high alcohol bruisers that will send everyone down for the count way too early! Instead, think of fresh, chuggable choices -- like Gamay and Pinot Noir. Or for something more esoteric think Trousseau from the Jura! Looking for American options for this quintessential all American holiday? Might I suggest this Pinot from Field Recordings in the lesser known Edna Valley region of Cali. It’s yummy, red fruited and the perfect foil to that perfectly cooked turkey! Also look for other high quality but well priced Cali Pinots like Brea, Folk Machine, and Anthill Farm!

In review, our Thanksgiving 3 bottle Sampler at Edmund’s Oast Exchange for $60:

Sorelle Bronca Prosecco

Domaine Pepiere "Pepie" Muscadet

Field Recordings Wonderwall Pinot Noir

Thanksgiving wine tips natural wine clean wine raw wine

Want 6 bottles? For $120 total we will throw in:

Domaine Facteur Sparkling Chenin

Hexamer Dry Riesling

Brun L'Ancien Beaujolais

Once again, happy Thanksgiving and here’s to remaining safe, strong, and hopeful this holiday season!

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