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A Note from My Heart

Please forgive me in advance as this is a tough blog. What can I’s an intense week in an intense year in an intense time. And this is intense news. But those of you who know me, hopefully know me as a person of candor that approaches life head on.

And with that dismal intro, let me address the latest terrible news -- this time in the world of wine. Just last week, an amazingly well reported New York Times article by Julia Moskin revealed that the Court of Master Sommeliers is riddled with sexual harassment.

So many strong, brave women came forth to reveal the horrific mishandling of power within this organization that has been held as standard-bearer of wine education. The article and these women’s stories is heart-rending, excruciating, and inspiring in its raw courage. Here’s a link to the full article.

This news is especially enraging to me as a fellow female wine professional and even more so since I have encouraged so many women and men to pursue the Court’s certification. Now, I am filled with disgust and sadness and a bit of guilt at having encouraged friends and peers down such a broken path.

I do not have answers beyond commending the women who came forward. Saying more at this point would be taking away from their space and their time to be recognized, revered, and given sincere apologies for their nightmarish situations.

I am determined as a fellow female sommelier to work towards finding better paths, better mentors, and the respect we all deserve.

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